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About Us

La Guagua 47 Community Project 

Born in the vibrant streets of Latino Philadelphia, La Guagua 47 Community Project began with an ambitious idea: to bring hundreds of artists and community members together to create art, learn, and produce a film that captured the essence of the Latino immigrant experience and the search for belonging. The project engaged individuals from different neighborhoods and resulted in an 8-minute award-winning film. ‘La Guagua 47’ celebrates the community’s talent  and sheds light on people’s shared experiences. Completed in only six months, and premiering at Philadelphia’s Kimmel Center during Hispanic Heritage Month with a sold-out crowd in attendance, the film received extensive media coverage and over 150,000 views on social media in its first month. As an example of the community’s high engagement, children and their teachers in a private school re-created a large decorated SEPTA 47 bus. They invited artists from the film to  share their Latino culture and dance with the students. Multiple experiences like this one illustrated the ripple effects of the project.

The success of La Guagua 47 inspired the creation of the nonprofit La Guagua 47 Community Project.  La Guagua 47’s mission is to combine the power of arts, education, and community to break down barriers and uplift lives.  After numerous community conversations, the initiative ‘Street Knowledge’ was created to bring the joy of lifelong learning and belonging to the streets of Philadelphia, beginning in the Latino neighborhoods where the initiative was born. Street Knowledge courses span arts, media, financial education, career exploration, wellness, and practical skills. La Guagua 47 believes in the joy and power of learning, and that education should be accessible to everyone, anywhere, regardless of background, age, or wealth. Our founding project embodied the community’s vast talent, and people made evident their desire to learn, create and build community together. And so, the journey continues.