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Making of La Guagua 47


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La Guagua 47 is based on an unforgettable experience the film’s Puerto Rican producer, songwriter, and artistic director Alba Martinez had in 1985 when she first arrived in Philadelphia. The film tells the story of a young migrant who recently came to a big metropolis and felt very alone, missing her Latino people and culture. One day she finds out about the 47 bus and embarks on a journey that changes her life. The film is a joyful celebration of Latinidad and the search for belonging.

Over 1ooo Philadelphia artists and community members put their hearts, minds, and talents into La Guagua 47. They contributed visual art, music, dance, film, fashion, makeup art, and storytelling to create a beautiful and moving tribute for a community that rarely gets the limelight. La Guagua 47 claims space for the voiceless, and speaks to the universal need to belong. It celebrates the beauty in marginalized communities, and it is a journey that brings people together. These are some of the pictures that reflect the awesome journey we had making La Guagua 47.