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Manos En La Obra


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Manos En La Obra: A Celebration of Latino Artists was born out of the desire to celebrate and illuminate the extraordinary Latino talent that lives and works along the SEPTA 47 bus route, which connects all Latino neighborhoods into one culturally rich cultural corridor and one powerful community.

During this event, we honored six community members who are talented artists, activists, and inspirational role models. Julia López, Maribel Lozada, Michelle Angela Ortíz, Jose Antonio Ortíz Pagan, Pedro Ospina, and César Viveros are wonderful representatives of the vast creative talent that calls Latin Philly their community.

We were also honored to present a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award to Jesse Bermúdez, a man whose passion for Latin music led him to pursue a lifelong mission of tearing down barriers and building cultural bridges of love, unity, and empowerment. Jesse uplifted and transformed the lives of thousands of people, and his legacy lives on in each one of us.