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La Gran Fiesta


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“We had so much fun during La Gran Fiesta!!! Thanks so much to all for the energy and love. Filming La Guagua 47’s culminating scene was PURE MAGIC!!” – community actor

These are some pictures and videos that capture slivers of the amazing experience that the Latino creative community in the Philadelphia region made happen. Second to none.

La Guagua 47 arose from an experience and an emotion felt one day by producer Alba Martinez in the summer of 1985 at the age of 22. A phone book, a welcoming phone call, and a bus ride on SEPTA’s 47 bus changed her life by taking her to what would become her heart and her soul: her Philadelphia Latino community.

Alba served this community for many years through her work as a lawyer and nonprofit leader, “and it in turn the community helped raise me into a capable public servant and executive, and enabled my success”, said Alba.

“Over 30 years later, with this film project, the SEPTA 47 bus brought me home again. This time, to illuminate and celebrate the community I love and admire. La Gran Fiesta is a scene that showcases the extraordinary talents and culture in the Latino community – for everyone to see and take part of”, she added.