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Journey to La Guagua 47: Behind-The-Scenes

The behind-the-scenes video ‘Journey To La Guagua 47’, by Pedro Escarcega,  captures the personal experiences of some of the key members of the team: the producer and composer, film director, choreographer, lead visual artist, and one of the associate producers/creative consultants. They share how learning something new and challenging, meeting and working with new people, and seeing the community come together in an unexpected way impacted them emotionally and professionally. 

The team worked together for the first time to create an award-winning film in six months

Every team member brought their experiences and connections, building a network that vastly enriched the project. The excitement was instantaneous. No challenge was too big – not even decorating a massive public transit bus in four hours.  By enabling the Latino community to tell their own story, the project put the power of representation in the very hands of those whose story it is.  “At at the end of the day, no one is coming to save us. We have to do it for ourselves.”- Cesar Viveros, lead visual artist