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Video courtesy of Visit Philadelphia


Pedro Ospina

His work as an artist explores his search for identity in the face of cultural change. Born in Bogotá, Colombia, but raised in NYC, his life’s path has been dedicated to the pursuit of simultaneously exposing himself to a wide range of cultural, experiential, embodied learning and then sharing that knowledge with others.

These experiences have guided him to create art that functions in the world, one that impacts the individual and enhances the way we live. It is artistic practice that provides for human connections and preserves cultural traditions. His interests and heritage with and of indigenous cultures have kept him rooted in the importance of human values and rituals. His studio practice involves great attention to craftsmanship and the physicality of material science. His approach to teaching is organic in nature and at the same time formal in content and substance. With thirty- three years of using art as a means understanding the world and trying to make a difference, his work has been a constant flux of experimentation and innovation.