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Spreading the joy of learning throughout Latino Philadelphia neighborhoods

What is Street Knowledge?

Street Knowledge is a community-driven education initiative bringing transformative learning directly to the streets of Philadelphia’s Latino neighborhoods. Grounded in the belief that learning should be accessible to everyone, anywhere, we’re creating spaces where individuals can tap into the joy of learning, pursue their passions, and embark on a journey toward wealth creation. Our classes span four key domains: Arts and Media; Wealth-building; Wellness; and Practical Skills. While Street Knowledge was born in Philadelphia’s Latino neighborhoods, everyone interested in personal growth, financial empowerment and Latino arts and culture is welcome to join, learn and apply to teach. The rich diversity of students, teachers and partners fosters relationships that can blossom into new opportunities for personal and economic development.

Why is Street Knowledge Necessary?

23% of Philadelphians suffer from poverty and limited opportunities. The Latino poverty rate is the highest in the city, surpassing 30%. For various reasons, including attendance at underperforming K-12 schools, traditional higher education options have been out of reach for many black, brown, and poor students living in Philadelphia’s economically struggling communities. Being precluded from higher education has denied scores of Philadelphians the chance to find work with a livable wage, advance in their careers, and achieve financial well-being. Additionally, the experience of obtaining information about available workforce and other continuing education programs is frequently fragmented, inefficient and confusing – leaving community members insecure, frustrated and discouraged – and ultimately reducing their interest and participation. These barriers are deepening economic disparities in Philadelphia. Street Knowledge seeks to disrupt this cycle by making it easy to find and navigate lifelong learning opportunities, leveraging arts, education and community to help drive awareness, personal growth, social mobility and generational wealth.

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What Is The Street Knowledge Model?


Courses in English and Spanish are taught by instructors with real-life experience. Teachers bring a rich diversity of backgrounds and experiences. They can be skilled artists, business people, tradespeople, PhDs, and neighborhood legends. They can be hired directly by Street Knowledge, they can be members of organizations we are  partnering with, and they can reach out to us and propose classes they would like to teach. Teachers have the opportunity to  collaborate with educational experts on their course outlines to ensure their classes encourage dialogue, creative expression, and active participation. 


Our campus is the community, literally in the streets of the neighborhoods. We partner with nonprofits, recreation centers, faith-based organizations, schools, and businesses to offer classes in their buildings. Together, we are the Street Knowledge campus, a connected network of teachers, classes, programs  and spaces dedicated to  making learning and growth opportunities easily accessible for everyone, anywhere.  


Strategic partnerships with government, higher education, unions, nonprofits, corporations, local businesses, and foundations are vital to the success of Street Knowledge.  They bring access to existing programs, information, volunteers and financial resources that extend our reach and accelerate opportunities. At the same time, Street Knowledge offers partners opportunities to have direct and measurable social impact, access to motivated and prepared students for their educational programs, and access to diverse talent who can become future employees.


Street Knowledge is designed around the needs and interests of its students. Relaxed, judgment-free, and inclusive learning allows students to focus on igniting passions and honing skills, learning at their own pace. Students can take one class or many, and each student sets their own goals. Some classes will be free and others will have a reasonable cost. However, Street Knowledge is committed to never denying students access to classes due to an inability to pay.  For some students, Street Knowledge will be a bridge that enables them to further pursue personal passions, higher education, or careers, building on the confidence, foundation and preparation they gain with us. Students will be invited to rate their learning experiences, providing useful information to teachers and other students.  Students can suggest classes they would like to see offered, and recommend teachers. Eventually,  our platform will allow students to vote on other students’ class suggestions, influencing future offerings.


Street Knowledge’s Wealth-building pillar exists to help students of all backgrounds become financially educated, confident, and fully prepared to pursue financial mobility opportunities. With our partners, we aim to offer relevant, practical, and informative career exploration workshops in high-demand jobs and industries. We want to offer students regular access to essential skill-building classes that prepare them to succeed in workforce training programs that lead to real job opportunities. With our partners, we will connect students to higher education opportunities if that is their goal. By making learning easier to access and offering students information and support that facilitates their individual journeys, together, we will break down barriers to advancement and grow the talent pipeline.

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Spotlight on Our Partner

Since Fulton Bank opened its doors in 1882, we have strived to provide a great banking experience for our customers—from individuals and small businesses to commercial corporations. This dedication has helped us grow alongside the people and communities we serve.

Our priority remains our customers, while also promoting diversity and inclusion and making a positive difference in people’s lives. Today, we continue to provide the kind of service that you’d expect from a community bank while providing a wide range of financial products and services throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia. Through our network of over 200 financial institutions, we are proud to provide convenience in neighborhoods throughout the region. Fulton Bank N.A. Member FDIC


We are proud to partner with Fulton Bank, a financial services organization deeply committed to empowering its customers. Fulton Bank team members will teach financial education and entrepreneurship courses in Street College’s Wealth-building track to improve the financial lives of Latino Philadelphia’s residents and entrepreneurs.

Alba Martínez
La Guagua 47 Executive Director